Traveling Meeting of the Marine Shrimp Production Chain Management Committee

or chipboard in Surat Thani Province

to follow up on the progress of operations on various issues

According to the Marine Shrimp Action Plan, 2023

Operations of the Working Group on Lessons Learned in Marine Shrimp Farming

The working group selected marine shrimp species suitable for each area.

Progress in resolving disease problems through the implementation of the project to increase production efficiency of marine shrimp with a disease prevention system throughout the production chain (Shrimp Sandbox), the Green Flag Shrimp Feed Project for Marine Shrimp Farming for Domestic Consumption in 2023, and the Project Enhance liquidity for marine shrimp farmers in 2022, Phase 1

together with discussing the guidelines for the enforcement of the application system for issuing a Aquatic Animal Trading Regulations (APD) and supporting measures

Including solving the problem of rising electricity costs in shrimp farming.

Which has presented an innovative model to increase energy efficiency as an alternative for farmers to choose from many models

The Shrimp Board meeting has approved the appointment of a working group to determine the cost of shrimp production.

and the marketing working group

To jointly drive the implementation of the 2023 Marine Shrimp Action Plan under the marketing promotion strategy.

In the past, 3 committees have been appointed working groups to drive production work, including taking lessons from farmers.

breed selection

and solving disease problems

Shrimp Board hope

Every working group that has been appointed will be another important mechanism to drive the action plan to achieve the set goal of 400,000 tons.

Regarding the issue of APD that farmers are concerned about,

in order not to affect the occupation of small farmers who are not ready

Therefore, the enforcement has been postponed for 1 year to March 1, 2024 for liquidity enhancement projects.

that many farmers have been waiting for will be open for applications on March 15.