In Kherson,

four leaders of the Russian torture chamber

, which operated during the occupation, were detained.


were informed of the suspicion

under two articles: high treason and collaborative activity.

This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine on February 27.

The former deputy head of the correctional colony

is among the detainees


During the occupation of the city, the man supported the Russian invaders.

After the capture of the penitentiary, he voluntarily cooperated with the aggressor and agreed to head the "department of the Kherson Region Penitentiary Service" created by the Russians.

The perpetrator organized the illegal detention of kidnapped Ukrainians in Russian prison cells.

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

The victims were subjected to psychological pressure, torture and death threats in the cells. In this way, the occupiers "suppressed" the resistance movement in the region.

Another collaborator is the head of the "department of communal and household, quartermaster and economic support" of the former Russian prison.

The man was responsible for the food security of the administration of the occupying body.

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Another traitor - previously

worked in the Kherson pre-trial detention center

, but after February 24 he agreed to the occupiers' offer to join the "colony security department".

There, he and another exposed collaborator participated in punitive raids against local residents who resisted the invaders.

We will remind, from the morning of February 27, there was an explosion in Kherson.

It happened during a large-scale air alert that covered the entire country.

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

Photo: SBU

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