Belarusian hackers claim that on February 27 they attacked the portal of the social protection fund of the population of Belarus.

The information group of the "United Headquarters of the Minsk Resistance" (ASHS) took responsibility, reports the Telegram channel "Alisa tells".

The ASU declared that with this attack it seeks the release of political prisoners from the prisons of Belarus:

"As it was stated in the past, in order to fulfill the stated plans, the ASC continues the policy of increasing pressure to the level of zero tolerance in relation to the accomplices of the crimes of the Lukashenka regime


the infrastructure used to support the Lukashenka regime.

The ASU demands the immediate release of all Belarusian political prisoners!", the message reads.

Now the functionality of the user portal of FSAN has been restored, but it cannot be opened from abroad.

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The "United Headquarters of the Resistance of Minsk" announced itself for the first time on August 16, by hacking the "Belaruskali" website and posting there an appeal to the United Headquarters of the Resistance of Belarus, peaceful protest activists, administrators of the "other yard chats" and security forces.

In September of last year, hackers announced that the website of the Zhodzha company "BelAZ" had been hacked.

On the main page, the headquarters posted a statement saying that BelAZ, like many other state-owned enterprises of the country, is "captured by


"family ".

On February 24 of this year, hackers partially blocked the legal portal pravo.


Hackers said that they "laid" it as a sign of protest against the war and Lukashenka.

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