Washed and selected eggs in general supermarkets are easily sold out, and there are still quite a lot of branded eggs.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Avian influenza caused insufficient production of eggs, resulting in a shortage of eggs at home and abroad. Domestically, because of people scrambling for eggs, eggs are not easy to buy. Supermarkets and hypermarkets often sell them out as soon as they are put on the shelves. But in the south The situation is not serious. Eggs can be bought in farmers’ association supermarkets and general supermarkets. Gong Taiwen, director general of Jiuru Township Farmers’ Association, said that although the sales of eggs are fast, the supply of eggs is sufficient, and the public will not be unable to buy them. When the eggs arrived, he thought it might be a problem with the allocation of dealers or distributors, which caused the lack of eggs in some channels.

Recently, people are most concerned about buying eggs. Many people have complained in online groups that it is difficult to buy a box of eggs, and they have to pay attention to the replenishment time of the supermarket. As soon as the eggs are on the shelves, go to buy them as soon as possible. It is very hard, but some people say , the egg shortage is normal-priced washed eggs, there is no shortage of relatively high-priced eggs, and the most serious egg shortage is in the north. People in the south do not feel the lack of eggs, and people can still buy eggs.

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Gong Taiwen, head of the Jiuru Township Farmers' Association, said that the farmers' association supermarkets supply enough eggs. Although the sales volume has been relatively fast recently, there is no problem with the deployment. People can buy eggs, and there are no shortages in regional supermarkets. Eggs are serious, and the sales of washed and selected eggs are relatively fast, and the sales of branded eggs are relatively slow because they are more expensive. There is no shortage of eggs in the south. I think it may be that the distributors or distributors have not prepared them well. .

There are enough eggs in the Jiuru Township Farmers' Association Supermarket, and everyone can buy eggs.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)