Tomorrow, February 25,

is the day of memory of St. Meletius

in the Orthodox calendar .

He lived in the IV century and was the bishop of Antioch.

In church traditions, he is described as a fighter against heretics, who was repeatedly deposed from the post of bishop.

Meletius presided over the II Ecumenical Council (381), which was held against the king of Macedonia.

Died in old age.

In honor of the saint, on February 25, a national holiday is celebrated -

Meletiya and Oleksia


The church holiday of February 25 is the day of commemoration of Oleksii the Miracle Worker

Coming from a boyar family, Oleksiy lived in the Chernihiv Principality and was given the name Yelevferiy at birth.

At the age of 12, the boy began to hear a voice coming from heaven.

He told him that in the future he would become a hunter of people.

The boy thought for a long time what it could mean, but he never understood.

In his youth, he decided to leave his parents and enter the Epiphany Monastery.

There he received the tonsure and the new name Oleksii.

Until the age of 40, he spent all his time in prayers and monastic activities.

He was very loved and respected.

In 1354, he became the Metropolitan of Kievan Rus and began to serve the Church even more strongly.

When he was able to heal Khan Janibek Taidula's wife from blindness, he was nicknamed the Miracle Worker.

The saint died in 1378.

Signs of February 25

Folk signs on February 25 / Photo: Pexels

  • hear sparrows singing - there will be a thaw;

  • the last week of February is cold - wait for a warm March;

  • there are many stars in the sky, which means there will be a rich harvest;

  • frost on trees until good weather.

What can't be done tomorrow

On this date, you should not wear worn clothes, because past problems may remind you of yourself.

You should not be in a mess, it can attract diseases.

Therefore, clean your house.

What can be done tomorrow

In the past, fishing began on February 25, so the day was often called "Olexii Rybny".

They also prepared pastries with fish.

And they also advise to take the seedlings outside on February 25, even if there is a small downside - the seeds will harden and grow better.

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