In Kaohsiung City's 74th Phase of Wucuo Self-administered Land Rezoning in Daliao District, some landlords were unwilling to participate in the rezoning. Today, Chen Kang started again.

(Photographed by reporter Hong Chenhong)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung City’s 74th Phase of Wucuo Self-run Urban Rezoning Area in Daliao District has been disturbed for 8 years due to opposition from some landlords. The city government approved the implementation of urban land rezoning in September last year, once again arousing sensitive nerves , Chen Kang repeated.

Today, the Gao City Hall invited the landlord and the rezoning meeting to communicate and coordinate face-to-face. The landlords were excited and the guns were rumbling.

The Land Administration Bureau of Gaoshi City originally planned to hold four coordination meetings at the Daliao District Land Administration Office starting today, but most members of the self-rescue association and other self-organized rezoning areas Residents gathered after hearing the news. Holding signs such as "Stop Looting Homeland" and "Protect Ancestral Property, Protect Homeland", they first chanted slogans outside the venue to express their opposition.

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Xu Shirong, a professor of the Department of Land Politics at National Chengchi University, was present to express his support. He pointed out that the current self-management city rezoning can plunder a relatively small number of property rights, survival rights and basic human rights as long as a relatively majority vote is adopted. This is majority violence, not democratic politics, and It violated the constitution; he criticized the government for enclosing land so that the people had nowhere to escape, and then authorizing the rezoning would plunder a relatively small number of lands, which is the practice of the authoritarian era.

At the coordination meeting, the landlords were called out one by one to express their willingness to rezon, and all of them replied "disagree". Questions have always been disagreed, why did the Jianjie sign appear outside the homeland recently?

Worried that the city government and the rezoning will conspire to forcibly demolish homes and distribute land directly, and criticize it as if Russia invaded Ukrainian land. Democratic countries will not do this.

Zhang Wenqin, deputy director of the Gaoshi Land Affairs Bureau who presided over the meeting, saw the anger of the crowd and repeatedly emphasized that the priority should be given to taking care of the disadvantaged while respecting the wishes of the landlords.

Wu Qianfan, the chairman of the rezoning committee, clarified that the rezoning is completely in accordance with the instructions of the Gao City Hall, and the procedures have not yet been completed, and no construction has been started. As for whether to exclude landlords who do not want to participate, he only said that it depends on the urban plan, and he cannot explain at the moment.

Zhong Guoning, vice president of the rezoning committee, further explained that whether it can be excluded depends on the terrain. He gave an example to exclude land located on the road. How to implement power pipelines and drainage side ditches?

He said that if the land is in the corner and does not affect it, it can be removed.

The landlord and the rezoning meeting will coordinate face-to-face, and the atmosphere is hot.

(Photographed by reporter Hong Chenhong)

Landlords were furious, and the residents had to appease their emotions.

(Photographed by reporter Hong Chenhong)

Wu Qianfan, chairman of the redesignation meeting, attended the coordination meeting in person.

(Photographed by reporter Hong Chenhong)