The Taichung District Prosecutor's Office believed that the main cause of the fatal car accident was that the Vietnamese migrant worker surnamed Mei failed to warn, and prosecuted him for negligent death.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] A 29-year-old Vietnamese immigrant worker surnamed Mei was driving a car of a friend from his hometown. On the evening of June 17 last year, he broke down in Wuri District, Taichung City. The entire lane was blocked, and the man surnamed Zhang driving the car rammed head-on into the car in front driven by the man surnamed Xie. Xie Nan's car was knocked off the lane and was hit by a truck on the inside. Xie Nan was sent to the hospital and died. The department believed that the driver of the truck was not responsible, Mei Nan failed to warn, and Zhang Nan did not pay attention to the condition of the vehicle ahead, so Mei and Zhang were prosecuted for negligent death.

The indictment pointed out that Mei Nan broke down in the auxiliary lane of National Highway No. 3 Expressway (located in Wuri District) at the above time. If he could not move the vehicle immediately, he should have set up a breakdown sign 100 meters behind, but he did not do so. , even though the vehicles blocked the driveway, the cars driven by Wang Nan and Xie Nan were blocked in the rear. Afterwards, another car driven by Zhang Nan chased and hit Xie Nan's car, and Xie Nan's car pushed forward and hit Wang Nan's car, and then Sliding on the left side, when Lu Nan was driving a truck in the inner lane, he couldn't dodge and hit Xie Nan's car. Xie Nan suffered intracranial hemorrhage and was sent to the hospital to die.

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The Taichung District Prosecutor's Office believes that Mei Nan saw that he had caused an accident and left the scene immediately (the hit-and-run part will not be prosecuted). The major cause of the accident was Zhang Nan, who was negligent and did not pay attention to the condition of the car ahead, and then hit the car in front (Xie Nan's car). The Taichung District Prosecutor's Office prosecuted the two for negligent death.