When the police stopped and checked, they found these "red envelopes" in the bags on the car.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Tainan police conducted a random inspection on the evening of the 21st. A driver surnamed Gong was stopped by the police. There was a carry-on bag in the co-pilot position that contained a lot of red envelopes printed with "Sincerely congratulate the New Year" and "Happy New Year." ", "The God of Wealth Arrives", etc., but when he asked why there were so many red envelopes during the Chinese New Year, Gong Nan became nervous. The police found that it was all poisoned coffee, and the urine of the two people in the car also had a drug reaction. After the interrogation, the police will They referred to the law.

Gong Nan and his friend were driving and encountered a temporary inspection. The police saw that the front bumper had fallen off halfway. He didn't look like a normal person, and there were a lot of red envelopes in a bag on the passenger seat, and he asked if he could check the bag.

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The co-pilot generously handed the bag to the police officer, but when he opened it, there were nearly a hundred "red envelopes" inside, but the packaging was not made of paper, but a plastic bag. There are so many red envelopes?

In fact, the police also knew that these were probably poisoned coffee, and hoped that Gong Nan could explain the source of the drugs, and also suspected him of drug trafficking.

However, Gong Nan casually confessed a nickname, arguing that these almost 100 packs of poisoned coffee were all for himself, and refused to let the police check his mobile phone, and he and his friends in the same car both had drug reactions after urine tests. They were later transferred to the local prosecutor on drug charges.

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