Chen Ruixun, who was the investigator of the investigation team of the Zhongshan Police Sub-bureau in Beishi City at the time, was ordered to post bail of 500,000 yuan. Determined not to prosecute.

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[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The Taipei District Prosecutor's Office investigated the case of the sex massage shop "Yuerongzhuang" in Zhongshan District, Beishi City, which was suspected of bribing police officers in exchange for operating media sex transactions. During the month, three waves of searches were launched successively. Chen Ruixun, who was the investigator of the investigation team of the Zhongshan Police Sub-bureau in Beishi City, was once ordered to post 500,000 yuan in bail; the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office determined that Chen's criminal evidence was insufficient, and returned him innocent and did not prosecute; the High Prosecutor's Office rejected the case After the reconsideration, it was decided not to prosecute; the defendant in the same case is still in court.

The Criminal Procedure Law stipulates that in the case of death penalty, life imprisonment, or a minimum sentence of three years or more, if the prosecutor does not prosecute or suspends the prosecution due to insufficient criminal suspicion, if there is no one who can appeal for reconsideration, the original prosecutor shall follow the The authority path is sent to the higher-level prosecutor's office for reconsideration, and the informant is notified.

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Since Chen’s case was investigated by the prosecution at the beginning, it was a serious crime of accepting bribes in violation of his duties, which could be punished with life imprisonment or more than 10 years’ imprisonment. The Local Prosecutor's Office should submit it to the High Prosecutor's Office for reconsideration according to its authority.

After the High Prosecutor's Office determined that the investigation by the Local Prosecutor's Office was complete, it dismissed the case for reconsideration, and Mr. Chen's non-prosecution sanction was also determined.

According to the investigation and investigation, since 2019, the shareholders of "Yue Rong Zhuang" have been suspected of secret media sex transactions. Xu Jiahui, the person in charge behind the scenes, and others are suspected to be in exchange for the protection of the police in the jurisdiction. In exchange for release of water during inspection duties; 20 people, including Wu Wencan, an erotic massage operator, and his ex-wife, Xu Jiahui and Lin Shirong, the behind-the-scenes managers of "Yuerongzhuang" nicknamed Huijie, were all prosecuted for crimes such as media sex trafficking in January last year.

The Beijing Prosecutor’s Office investigated the Zhongshan police cover-up pornography case, prosecuted in three stages and additionally prosecuted the previous directors of the Zhongshan No. 1 Police Station of the North City Police Department and the corruption-related circumstances in the district; last November, the North Court’s first-instance judgment was the second wave.

In the first wave of judgments in December 2019, 15 officers and police officers involved in the bribery case of the "Nippon State" and "Night King" hotels, including Lin Chongcheng, Liu Changqi, and Yang Wenzhen, the former directors of the Zhongshan No. 1 Police Station, were all acquitted in the first instance Among them, Liu Changqi was still acquitted in the second instance in May 2020.

District policeman Hou Chaobin was sentenced to 16 years in prison, Ma Guodong 13 years, Yan Zien 8 years, Wu Yiming 14 years, Ji Bingchang 14 years, Chen Hongzhou 10 years in October, Zhuang Qiliang 12 and a half years; another 3 policemen pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation, but were not probated The 7 policemen and Lin Chongcheng and Yang Wenzhen who were not guilty in the first trial are still in the second trial of the High Court.