Notary public

Hrystyna Hornyak

commented on her divorce from TV presenter

Volodymyr Ostapchuk

And although the couple has not yet made official statements about the breakup, fans have long understood that they are not together.

In addition, Khrystyna herself hints at a divorce.

So, on her Instagram, the blogger decided to chat with fans and answer their questions.

In one of them, users asked why Gornyak does not comment on the divorce and whether Ostapchuk is to blame for this.

To which she replied that both partners are always to blame for a breakup, but one of them is more.

However, Khrystyna is in no hurry to share the details of her relationship with the showman.

"There are always two people to blame. Someone is simply more, and someone is less. And the two decided not to comment. I hope for understanding," Hornyak wrote.


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