The police in New Taipei City arrested a fake car reward and real harassment, targeted a car dealer who was wearing black stockings, and asked a moron surnamed Chen who was sexually harassing to find out whether there were any accomplices.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Renjie)

[Reporter Wu Renjie/New Taipei Report] The police in New Taipei City arrested a suspect surnamed Chen who was suspected of sexually harassing a female business representative in Shuangbei by means of "fake car rewards and real sexual harassment". Chen, who almost stayed at home, argued that he created three The account, pranks, and intimidation of female industry representatives are like idiots, but the victim accused him of spreading photos, intimidation, and private message harassment on the Internet. The map of the business premises also encourages members to ask out the female business representatives, which makes the female business representatives panic. The police continue to clarify whether there are accomplices involved in the case.

It was reported in Linkou, New Taipei City, that a female car dealer was sexually harassed when she was taking customers to enjoy the car. A group of men suspected that they formed a LINE group, and posted a special appointment for a female dealer in "black stockings" to go out to see the car. The supervisor complained to the media, and the police took the initiative to contact the car dealer to report the case. Because the incident happened before Valentine's Day, the police highly suspected that the otaku was involved.

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It is reported that in the LINE conversations leaked by the criminal group, there were comments on the "bad intentions" of many female businessmen. Members shared that they used pretexts such as rewarding cars and paying deposits to meet female business representatives. , When the female businessman was frightened and took the opportunity to "hard on", the conversation was extremely obscene.

The executive of the car dealer broke the news and pointed out that after the company's female agent was invited by the customer to appreciate the car, she was sexually harassed during the period, and she was so frightened that her face paled; Waiting for information, the group also asked members to confirm the vacancies of female business representatives, and even released incentives such as allowing female business representatives to come to the house to enjoy car test rides, pay cash to sign contracts, etc., to attract female business representatives to take the bait, questioning that criminal groups will harass female business representatives as games , behaving badly.

Because several accounts of the criminal group were blocked, they became angry and threatened the female business representative, causing panic, and even harassed by private messages. When the female business representative reported the case, she revealed that a friend found in an online group that someone uploaded her photos for discussion, and the text involved threats, attempts Sexual harassment, etc., the other party even sent private messages to harass and call the police for help.

After receiving the report, the police formed a task force to investigate. At around 6:00 p.m. on the 20th, they took the suspect surnamed Chen to his residence and arrested him. He confiscated a mobile phone and brought it back for interrogation; The account, because of a temporary prank, made up a story to intimidate the female business for fun, because he refused to interrogate at night, the police continued to investigate today, to clarify the exact motive of Chen Suspect's crime, and to clarify the individual or group crime; it is understood that Chen Suspect is almost at home except for work , Suspected of imitating the behavior of idiots and committing crimes, the police will investigate the whole case according to the crimes of intimidation, sexual harassment prevention and harassment law and molestation law.