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Vice President Iliana Yotova

Iliyana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, the 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, visited the regions of Gora and Zhupa in the Republic of Kosovo, where people with Bulgarian self-awareness and Bulgarian identity live.

She spoke with representatives of the "United Bulgarians in Kosovo" society in the village of Krastets, and in Prizren she met with members of the "Cultural and Educational Society of the Bulgarians in Zhupa, Podgora and the Region".

The Bulgarian community in Kosovo, which is about 15 thousand people, is not officially recognized.

After the lack of response to the petition submitted to the Kosovo parliament in 2018 for official recognition of the Bulgarian community, the request was repeated at the beginning of this year.

"Bulgaria's goal is for Kosovo citizens with Bulgarian self-awareness to receive an official community status that will give them more guaranteed rights and opportunities," said Vice President Yotova, who a day earlier spoke in Pristina with President Vyosa Osmani-Sadriu.

"In her face I see a guarantor that the signature will be moved this time.

President Osmani-Sadriu proposed that the Bulgarians have their own informal representative in the Consultative Council for National Minorities to the President.

This is a sign of good will and will," emphasized Yotova.

She expressed confidence that despite the resistance of other ethnic groups, a good result will be achieved.

The vice-president assured that Bulgaria will insist that the column "Bulgarians" be included in the next census in the Republic of Kosovo.

The representatives of the Bulgarian community accepted Yotova's idea of ​​building Bulgarian Saturday-Sunday schools in areas with a compact population, where people have a Bulgarian identity.

Vice President Iliana Yotova will meet representatives of the Bulgarian community in Kosovo

Representatives of the Bulgarian community in Kosovo, who have completed higher education in Bulgaria or are current students, also participated in the meetings in Krastec and Prizren.

Bulgaria provides opportunities for higher education in PMS 103 for young people from the Republic of Kosovo, and Bulgarian language courses and candidate exams are organized on site every year.

Last fall, 42 students from Kosovo were admitted to Bulgarian higher education institutions.

Books by Bulgarian authors were presented by Vice President Yotova to the representatives of Bulgarian companies.

Earlier, she also met with the leadership of Dragash municipality.

Iliana Yotova