Chinese leader

Xi Jinping

, who is preparing a speech for the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, wants to distance himself from Russia's scandalous statements and maintain leadership among authoritarian non-democratic states.

Political scientist Oleh Sahakyan said this in a commentary on Channel 24.

According to the expert, the task of Chinese speechwriters is for the Western media to draw parallels between the speeches of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, to highlight commonalities, but most

importantly - to find the difference in which China does not support Russia.

"China should look a head higher than Russia. Because it is not so active now, accordingly, a masculine image is only in Russia. Like, she ran through the minefield for everyone else's sake, like crazy, and shouts: "Come with us". Sahakyan said.

According to him,

the speech of the leader of China on the anniversary of the aggressor Russia's invasion of Ukraine will meet several goals:

  • China wants to position itself as a peacemaker in order to get itself out of trouble in the confrontation between Russia and the West;

  • Dissociate from Russia.

    China wants to distance itself from a number of "adventurous theses voiced by the Kremlin";

  • China will try not to lose its leadership among authoritarian non-democratic states.

  • The political scientist explained that authoritarian non-democratic states did not support Russia too much, so it is important for China to declare its leadership among these countries.

    Sahakyan says that counter-sanctions rhetoric is also important for China.

    Xi Jinping is not interested in sanctions becoming part of everyday life and a standard response tool.

    It will be recalled that China calls Putin's full-scale war a "crisis".

    After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 

    Beijing declared its neutrality.

     However, there are plans to deepen ties with Moscow in 2023.

    Washington also warned China about 

    the consequences in case of security assistance to Russia.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, despite international sanctions and export controls, Russia receives dual-purpose technologies from other countries that can be used in the defense industry and contribute to the war in Ukraine.

    China is 

    among the supplier countries.

    In December 2022, 

    Medvedev met with Xi Jinping in Beijing

    , where they also discussed the war in Ukraine. 

    Andriy Piontkovskyi believes that Medvedev gave him a "message" from Putin

    during the meeting in Beijing with Chinese leader Xi Jinping  .

    After that, there were talks between 

    Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian terrorist president Vladimir Putin.

    The latter stated that the Russian Federation aims to strengthen cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries.

    But in response he heard silence from the President of China.

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