U.S. Vice President Harrison Harris delivered a speech at the Munich Security Conference on the 18th, accusing Russia of committing crimes against humanity during its invasion of Ukraine.


[Compiler Guan Shuping/Comprehensive Report] U.S. Vice President He Jinli announced at the "Munich Security Conference (MSC)" on the 18th that the Biden administration has formally concluded that Russia has committed violations of humanity during its nearly one-year invasion of Ukraine. crime.

"Reuters" and "Agence France-Presse" reported that Harris delivered a speech at the second day of the Munich Security Conference, "We have looked at the evidence for what Russia is doing in Ukraine, we know the legal standards, there is no doubt that : These are crimes against humanity," "The United States has formally concluded that Russia committed crimes against humanity."

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This is the first time the U.S. government has formally labeled Russia's actions in Ukraine a crime against humanity.

He Jinli, a former prosecutor, said that Russia's behavior in Ukraine "is an attack on our common values ​​and common humanity, and the Russian military has carried out widespread and systematic attacks on civilian groups."

She listed various cases of "barbaric and inhumane" acts by the Russian army in Ukraine, including "brutal killings, torture, sexual assault and deportation, execution-style killings, beatings and electric shocks." All of you, your superiors who conspired with these crimes, say you will be held accountable...justice must be served."

Harris also praised Ukraine's success in resisting Russian aggression. "Kiev is still standing, Russia has been weakened, the transatlantic alliance is stronger than ever, and most importantly, the spirit of the Ukrainian people lives on."