Legislative Yuan Yu Xikun talked about the controversy of former Executive Yuan spokesman Chen Zongyan.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Yilan Report] Chen Zongyan, former spokesman of the Executive Yuan, was accused of having a close relationship with the hotel industry and accepting sexual entertainment. His resignation was approved last night.

Legislative President You Xikun said that he didn't know the inside story, but in the face of disputes, Executive Premier Chen Jianren handled them quickly, which was in line with democratic politics and responsible politics; there is no perfect cabinet, and being able to reflect on and apologize when disputes arise is the most valuable aspect of democratic politics.

You Xikun attended an event in Yilan this morning. Regarding Chen Zongyan's incident, he said that Yang Hongzhi, the chairman of the Yun'an Committee at the time, was still Chen Zongyan this time. Chen Jianren handled the controversial incident very clearly, in line with democratic politics and responsible politics; Controversy makes people feel bad, and it will not be conducive to the implementation of administrative affairs. For example, when he was the vice president, when he encountered the Bazhangxi incident, he immediately resigned and left.

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Will the turmoil affect the presidential election?

You Xikun said that since he is the head of the Legislative Assembly, it is inconvenient to talk about the election.

As for whether you will worry about similar cases breaking out again?

You Xikun believes that there is no perfect person, no perfect political party, and no perfect cabinet. When problems, disputes, or mistakes arise, the ability to reflect, admit mistakes, and apologize is the most important thing and the most valuable part of democratic politics.