[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Report from Taipei] The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today that there were 15,173 new cases of local Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19), a decrease of about 21.4%% from last Friday; 78 new deaths, including The youngest was a man in his 40s who was hospitalized for cancer and died within 4 days of a positive PCR test during hospitalization.

There were 267 new cases of immigration from abroad.

There were 15,173 new local cases, including 6,802 males, 8,357 females, and 14 cases under investigation, ranging in age from less than 5 years old to over 90 years old. The cases were distributed in New Taipei City (2,819 cases) and Taoyuan City (1,929 cases) , Taichung City (1,811 cases), Kaohsiung City (1,777 cases), Taipei City (1,369 cases), Tainan City (1,278 cases), Changhua County (690 cases), Hsinchu County (435 cases), Pingtung County (407 cases) , Miaoli County (364 cases), Hsinchu City (358 cases), Yunlin County (328 cases), Yilan County (319 cases), Keelung City (279 cases), Nantou County (235 cases), Chiayi County (219 cases) , Hualien County (197 cases), Chiayi City (155 cases), Taitung County (119 cases), Kinmen County (45 cases), Penghu County (33 cases), Lianjiang County (7 cases).

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There were 202 new cases of moderate and severe cases, including 133 cases of moderate cases and 69 cases of severe cases.

There were 78 new deaths, including 50 males and 28 females, all of whom were in their 40s to over 90s. They were all severely infected, 74 had a history of chronic diseases, and 52 had not received more than 3 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The date of diagnosis ranged from June 6 last year to February 13 this year, and the date of death ranged from June 7 last year to February 14 this year.

Among the dead cases, the youngest was a male in his 40s with a history of cancer and multiple metastases. He had received 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine and was hospitalized for cancer treatment on January 16. During his hospitalization, he tested positive for PCR on February 9. Due to respiratory distress, he was treated with remdesivir and high-flow oxygen nasal cannula, and unfortunately passed away on February 12 due to the deterioration of his condition. The cause of death was new coronavirus infection and cancer.

There were 267 new cases imported from abroad, including 123 males and 144 females, ranging in age from less than 5 years old to more than 80 years old.

The entry date is between January 17 and February 16 this year.

According to statistics from the command center, as of now, a total of 9,894,283 cases have been confirmed in China, of which 17,397 have died.

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The command center announced that 15,173 local cases have been added, 267 cases have been imported from abroad, and 78 cases have died.

(Provided by Command Center)

The command center announced the analysis of 78 confirmed deaths.

(Provided by Command Center)