Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan (right) heard the city councilor Li Zhongli's election for the president at the handover banquet of the KMT cadres in the Taichung City Council. She covered her face, bowed her hands, and hurriedly declined.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] The KMT Taichung City Party and Youth League cadres held a handover ceremony today (15th). Cai Qichang, the DPP, won nearly 280,000 votes in the mayoral election. It can be seen that even some green camp voters support it. Coming out to run for president can save blue camp supporters from voting in tears; Li Zhong was asked to "stop talking", but the legislator Jiang Qichen who was present shouted "That's too good".

Tonight, when the Kuomintang League cadres were handed over, the new Secretary-General Huang Xinhui suddenly said that it is still unclear who the Kuomintang will run for the 2024 president, but there is a very powerful mayor in Taichung City, and the outside world is always rumoring who Lu Xiuyan will match with. In fact, "Lu Xiuyan's election for president" will make Taichung City has a lot of face.

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At this time, Li Zhong also stood up and said that in every presidential election, it is difficult for the Kuomintang candidates to satisfy everyone. Now all the candidates on the Kuomintang table are "supported by some and hated by others", but Lu Xiuyan is different. Love it, and no one hates it. Lu Xiuyan is the only person who can unite all the blue camps. Lu Xiuyan will be elected president. The KMT will not let people vote in this round. He has prepared an article to explain why he supports Lu Xiuyan .

City Councilor Li Zhong strongly encouraged Lu Xiuyan to run for president on behalf of the Kuomintang at the handover banquet of the Kuomintang League cadres in the Taichung City Council.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)