Running for 2024?

The founder of Hon Hai, Terry Gou, said yesterday that as long as Taiwan needs it, he will not care about any form, and it is his duty to do so.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] The founder of Hon Hai, Terry Gou, who is regarded as one of the popular candidates for the 2024 presidential election, has recently returned to Taiwan from the United States. Select topics.

After the meeting, Guo said in an interview that as long as the land and people of Taiwan are in need, he does not care about any form, and he is obliged to make due contributions.

Wang Jinping also revealed that Guo Taiming hopes to be nominated by the Kuomintang.

Wang Jinping: Guo hopes to be nominated by the KMT

Guo Taiming's efforts to return to the Kuomintang to participate in the Kuomintang presidential election are becoming more and more clear. Guo paid a visit to Wang Jinping yesterday. In addition to paying his respects to the old year, he also asked Wang for Taiwan's peace and politics. Wang told Guo the problems facing Taiwan and what is needed Such a leader will lead Taiwan out of the predicament.

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Guo: I believe Zhu Lilun will remember the lessons from 4 years ago

Guo Taiming revealed that Wang Jinping hopes that he can run as a Kuomintang, and he must run as a Kuomintang to win Wang's support. He believes that the party chairman Zhu Lilun will remember the lessons of four years ago and make a plan that can accommodate all rivers and help the Kuomintang regain He will wait until the measures are announced before making a decision on the measures for the 2024 regime.

Wang Jinping said in an interview that Guo Taiming certainly hopes to return to the Kuomintang, and initially revealed his willingness to participate in the primary election during the meeting, hoping to be nominated by the Kuomintang.

Wang revealed that Guo Yu has repeatedly stated in the meeting that if he is elected, he will sacrifice everything for the country, the two sides of the strait, the society, and all the people.

Wang believes that as long as these three tasks can be done well, Taiwan will naturally flourish and the people will enjoy a very happy life.

Deputy candidate Guo stressed that there is no "Guo Kepei"

Regarding the potential deputy candidate for the presidential campaign, Guo Taiming emphasized in the interview that there is no such issue as "Guo Ke (Wen Zhe)", and I don't know where it came from.

Wang Jinping also said that Guo Taiming said in the meeting that there is absolutely no "Guo Ke Pei", and the two did not talk about the possibility of Guo Taiming partnering with New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, emphasizing that Guo "don't care about other people's business."