Russian oppositionist and human rights activist Mark Feigin believes that Russia will not dare to use nuclear weapons if the West provides modern aircraft to Ukraine. 

He said this in an interview with 

"Even before, the West, refusing to transfer missiles or tanks to Ukraine, constantly stated that they did not want to irritate Putin. They constantly voice this thesis. As for the transfer of aircraft, they say it out of inertia, reassuring Russia. But the discussions continue. Because the West does quite a large number of armored vehicles are transferred. I believe that planes and long-range missiles are a matter of time. First, someone will give one plane, look at the reaction. And then the process will go. But the West in this way reassures the Russian Federation that there will be no planes, but discussions continue. And we don't know at what stage these talks are at. Or maybe Biden, who will arrive in Poland on the anniversary of the war, will announce the transfer of planes. The trend is in the better direction, not the other way around. And if planes are given, it is unlikely that this will provoke Moscow to nuclear strikes," the Russian opposition leader explained. 

Feigin recalled that Chinese leader Xi Jinping openly stated during the meeting with Biden that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, especially against a non-nuclear state, because it is against the rules of war.  

"Moscow can continue to threaten, but there is no big threat yet," the human rights activist explained. 

It will be recalled that after President Zelensky's visit to Britain, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak instructed Defense Minister Ben Wallace to study which fighter jets London could potentially provide to Ukraine.

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