Thai Honda Camp

Manufacturer and distributor of Honda motorcycles in Thailand.

continues to move forward with intense motorsport

As a leader in the Thai motorsport industry

Recently announced the motorsport plan for the year 2023, focusing on developing the potential of riders and

The racing team aims at a world-class goal.

Under the project

"Honda Race to the Dream",

entering its 7th year, continues to systematically continue the roadmap for the development of racers.

with the goal of pushing Thai racers to the MotoGP race by the year 2025

"Shigeto Kimura"

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thai Honda Camp

announced that

Thai Honda's motorsport plan in 2023 continues the policy to continuously elevate the potential of Thai racing teams and riders to the world stage under the concept of "Don't Limit Your Challenges, Let's Challenge Your Limit".

“This year has added new challenges at every level of competition.

To the goal of pushing Thai racers to the World Grand Prix of the Moto GP class in 2025, we plan to give each racer a higher level of challenge.

To give riders the opportunity to use their potential, abilities and challenge themselves to the fullest.”


"Kong Somkiat Chantra",

the first Thai rider to win the World Grand Prix

and award winner

The best male professional athlete from the Sports Authority of Thailand aims to win the top five in the

"Moto Two World Championships".

At the same time, he also sent

"Kongs Tachakon Buasri",

another rising star who has outstanding performance in the world youth competition.

to start in the program

"Moto Tree World Championship"

to 4 fields

This means that this year, Thai fans will be able to cheer on Thai racers at the same time for both Moto2 and Moto3 races in the “Thai GP” program in Thailand.

It also continues to push the new generation of riders in Asia.

Increase the challenge in every competition.

Aiming to develop potential following in the footsteps of seniors

As for

"Thailand Talent Cup",

the 7th year, the arena of talented young racers

that has been accepted from many countries

Has selected 10 Thai youth racers from the Honda Academy 2022 program to increase their international driving experience.

“In the overall picture of Honda's motorsport plans this year, both the drivers and mechanics will have the opportunity to develop in many areas in a concrete, intense and challenging manner.”