The baby girl "Aya" (Aya) was born in the rubble, but her mother died at the scene of the strong earthquake. Many netizens expressed their willingness to adopt her.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The strong earthquake in Turkey destroyed many families, but a baby girl in northern Syria brought an unexpected "miracle" to the disaster.

A baby girl named "Aya" (Aya) was born in the rubble. When she was found, her umbilical cord was still connected to her mother. She is alive and well.

After the news of Aya's birth was exposed, thousands of netizens expressed their willingness to adopt Aya, hoping to give her a home.

Aya was born amid the rubble of a collapsed building in northern Syria, according to the BBC.

When she was rescued by distant relative Khalil al-Suwadi, the umbilical cord was connected to her mother.

Aya means "miracle" in Arabic. Unfortunately, Aya's family died in the strong earthquake, and only her newborn survived miraculously.

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After Aya was rescued, he was sent to the hospital for treatment. Doctor Marouf said that Aya’s condition was very unsatisfactory when he arrived at the hospital. He had lumps, bruises, hypothermia, and almost no breathing. Big problem.

The video of Suwadi rescuing Aya from the rubble was uploaded to Twitter. Thousands of netizens expressed their "willingness to adopt Aya" after seeing the video, and even asked for detailed information about her adoption.

Khalid Attiah, the manager of the hospital where Aya was treated, said that he received many calls from all over the world, hoping to adopt Aya and give her a home.

The moment a child was born ???? His mother was under the rubble of the earthquake in Aleppo, Syria, and she died after he was born , The earthquake.

May God give patience to the people of #Syria and #Turkey and have mercy on the victims of the #earthquake #الهزه_الارضيه #زلزال

— Talha Ch (@Talhaofficial01) February 6, 2023