Tinleaf vines are blooming one after another, full of purple flowers.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] The beauty of purple explosion!

Nanping Mountain Daotian Organic Farm in Nancunli, Puli Town, Nantou County planted a large area of ​​tin-leaf vines, which would bloom for the first time in mid-to-late January in previous years, but due to the lack of rain in winter and the recent frequent cold snaps, the flowering period was delayed by about 3 weeks until the recent weather It blooms only after warming up, and purple flowers bloom on both sides of the trail, forming a beautiful and dreamy purple tunnel, which makes tourists praise "the wait is worth it!"

Nanpingshan Daotian Organic Farm, next to the Shangong, Guanyin 3rd Road, Litai Line 14, Nancun, Puli Township, has planted tin-leaf vines in the park more than 20 years ago. The original purpose was to increase the nectar source plants, attracting bees and butterflies to help pollinate crops, but they are in full bloom. The purple flowers are eye-catching, and Chen Xinhao, a young farmer, allows people to visit for free. It has become a hot spot for online beauty check-ins in recent years. Hundreds of tin-leaf vines that are at least 5 years old have been replanted. The flower viewing trail around the park reaches more than 300 meters. .

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In previous years, the tinleaf vines in the park bloomed for the first time in mid-to-late January. Due to climatic conditions such as rainfall and temperature, they could even bloom earlier than New Year’s Day. , Cherry Blossoms are the same, Tin Leaf Vine is also delayed in flowering for about 3 weeks, the weather has turned sunny after the rain a few days ago, and the temperature is moderate, which also speeds up the flowering of Tin Leaf Vine. , 228 You can enjoy the flowers even before the holiday, and after the flowers wither, it is expected that there will be a second wave of flower viewing in mid-to-late March. The farm has received many inquiries and calls to make appointments for flower viewing.

Recently, small purple flowers have bloomed on both sides of the trail entering the farm’s greenhouse, forming a romantic purple corridor. The sun shines in the morning, and the sea of ​​flowers is more beautiful under the sunlight. Visitors are free to visit before 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, based on traffic and epidemic prevention, it is more appropriate to make an appointment and divert people. Tourists can make an appointment at 0919-678563.

The first flowering period of Puli Tin Leaf Vine is reported late this year, and the flowering period is expected to last up to 228 consecutive holidays.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)