From February 11 to March 19, the police will conduct traffic control on the up and down roads of Yangmingshan.

(Photographed by reporter Liu Qinghou)

[Reporter Liu Qinghou/Taipei Report] The Yangmingshan Flower Festival will start on February 11th. The Taipei City Police, in view of the surrounding attractions such as Lengshuikeng, Qingtiangang, National Palace Museum, Children's New Paradise, Shilin Mansion and Shilin Night Market, It is predicted that a large number of people and vehicles will emerge, so the police will conduct traffic control on the up and down roads of Yangmingshan from February 11 to March 19.

Beishi Police Lin Branch stated that in order to ensure smooth and safe traffic during the flower season, it will flexibly adjust traffic flow depending on traffic conditions. From February 11th to March 19th, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on consecutive holidays, traffic control on the mountain will be implemented , the control objects are self-use cars (including passenger and cargo vehicles); Gezhi Road and Kaixuan intersection will flexibly implement diversion depending on the downhill traffic conditions,

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According to the police, there are three control points on the uphill section of Yangde Avenue: (1) Yangde Avenue and Zhicheng intersection

(2) At the intersection of Fulin Road and Zhongyong Street.

(3) At the entrance of Lane 1, Section 2, Zhishan Road.

2. There are two diversion points for downhill flexibility: (1) Gezhi Road and Jingshan Road intersection.

(2) At the intersection of Gezhi Road and Kaixuan Road.