According to the information of the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources as of February 09, the weather conditions were rainy in the country, and snow fell in some places.

According to the information given to APA by the service, the height of the snow cover is 46 cm in Gakh, 28 cm in Agdara (Ordubad), 23 cm in Shaki, 20 cm in Laza, 18 cm in Shahdag, 16 cm in Khinalig, 14 cm in Khaltan, 12 cm in Gryz, 11 cm in Lerik. It was 10 cm in Gusar, 9 cm in Shamakhi, Guba, 8 cm in Shahbuz, Gadabey, 7 cm in Dashkasan, Altiyagaj, 4 cm in Goygol, 3 cm in Oguz, 2 cm in Gobustan, 1 cm in Nakhchivan, Gabala, Zagatala, Khachmaz, Ismayilli, Astara.

The amount of precipitation

: 25.0 mm in Astara, 20.0 mm in Shamakhi, 12.0 mm in Gakh, Sheki, 11.0 mm in Lerik, 10.0 mm in Lankaran, 8.0 mm in Oguz, Shahbuz, 7.0 mm in Leza, Gabala, 6.0 mm in Zagatala, 4.0 mm in Balakan, Yardimli, Mingachevir. It was 2.0 mm in Khinalig, Nakhchivan, and 1.0 mm in Sharur.


The north-west wind occasionally increased to 20 m/s in Nefchala, 15 m/s in Khaltan, and up to 36 m/s in Baku and Absheron Peninsula.

According to the Neft Daslari station, the height of the wave reached 4.8 meters.


: It was observed in Naftalan, Ganja, Nakhchivan, Balaken, Gabala, Sheki, Shamakhi, Gakh, Gusar, Gryz, Goychay, Lerik, visibility was limited to 50-200 meters.

Minimum air temperature

: on February 8, the temperature in Baku was 1.5° below the climatic norm, the minimum air temperature in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula is up to 1° of frost, in Nakhchivan up to 10° of frost, in mountainous regions - 10-15° of frost, in lowland regions - up to 1° of frost It was warm up to 1°.