Liu Kuiyou, deputy captain of the Beishi Search and Rescue Team.

(Photo by reporter Liu Qinghou)

[Reporter Liu Qinghou/Taipei Report] It has entered the third day of the Taipei City Search and Rescue Team's rescue of the Turkey earthquake, and it is now the most important golden period for saving the lives of survivors; The weather is cold and unsuitable, and the houses have been "stacked like pancakes" due to the earthquake. The rescue space is extremely narrow, making it difficult to rescue.

Liu Kuiyou, deputy captain of the North City Search and Rescue Team, said that the current effective progress of the North City Search and Rescue Team was at 3:40 pm yesterday (8th), when they jointly rescued a female survivor in Adiyaman with the Turkish Urban Search and Rescue Team crushed under the rubble of the building.

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He said that the trapped woman made a weak sound at the time, and the search and rescue teams from both sides immediately started rescue after hearing it. However, due to the complex situation of the trapped woman, the search and rescue personnel used destructive equipment to help them escape, and the woman lost signs of life for a while. The woman was rescued, and after first aid at the scene, the woman regained signs of life and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Vice-captain Liu Kuiyou said that the low temperature on site in Turkey is currently below zero degrees Celsius, which makes the search and rescue team feel uncomfortable. In addition, after the building collapsed, the rubble was piled up in layers like pancakes, and the search and rescue space was limited, which also increased the difficulty of search and rescue.

Liu Kuiyou said that at present the second echelon of search and rescue personnel has arrived in Turkey, but the machinery and equipment are still stuck at the airport and have not yet cleared the customs; the latest situation is that at 10:47 p.m. Keep looking for sources.