The two men and two women who attacked the office of the Macedonian Cultural Center in Blagoevgrad with stones were released from custody without charges.

It turns out that they are known in town.

Some of them are employees of the Landscaping Enterprise of the municipality.

One of them is a former candidate for mayor.

On the air of "Hello, Bulgaria", the municipal officials explained the reasons for their actions.

"I am the initiator of what happened.

This is not an act of vandalism.

We showed our deep indignation and dissatisfaction with the events on the Bulgarian-Macedonian border.

Our country was humiliated by the RSM", said Lyudmila Kostadinova.

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Stanislav Iliev and Nikolay Ivanov stated that they shared the initiator's opinion and also participated in the act.

"It had to be shown that there are still awake Bulgarians who are interested in our country," said Ivanov.