Zhang Zhihao (right), director of the Information Department of the Democratic Progressive Party, and Shen Suzheng (left), a councilor from Nantou County, held a press conference today and asked Lin Mingqin, a candidate for the KMT's Nantou County Legislative Committee, three times.

(Provided by the Democratic Progressive Party)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The by-election of the Nantou County Legislative Committee will be held on March 4. Zhang Zhihao, Director of the Information Department of the Democratic Progressive Party, and Shen Suzheng, a member of the Nantou County Councilor, held a press conference today (9) to ask three questions about the Kuomintang candidates for the Nantou County Legislative Committee Lin Mingqin, including the appointment of his son Lin Rubin as the special assistant to the county magistrate, whether there are actual employment and illegal issues; where does the money come from spending tens of millions to buy a luxury house for his son;

Lin Mingqin's campaign team did not respond, saying it was "re-stirring old dishes"

In this regard, Lin Mingqin himself did not answer the phone. Lin's campaign team said that the green camp had asked about related issues as early as the county magistrate election at the end of last year.

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Zhang Zhihao raised three questions. First, did Lin Mingqin illegally hire Lin Rubin as a special assistant to the county magistrate to handle various constructions of the county government, and in this capacity to attend various groundbreaking and construction activities?

Second, Lin Mingqin claimed that buying a 50 million mansion for his son was an election subsidy, but it is estimated that the election subsidy to the salary of the county magistrate and legislators may not be half of the 50 million mansion. How can he buy a mansion?

Zhang Zhihao said, thirdly, after Lin Mingqin stepped down as the county magistrate, he said many times that he would not be elected, and this time he went back to the pot to run for Lin Rubin. The words are obviously for the sake of his son in preparing for the election of the Legislative Councilors. Because Lin Rubin's public opinion is low, he simply raised his gun again.

Shen Suzheng: Lin ran for election because he bullied Nantou people and looked down on young people

Shen Suzheng added that the by-election of legislators in the second constituency of Nantou County is not so simple as electing a legislator, but whether the politics of Nantou County can be changed from generation to generation and younger. Lin Mingqin's election is to bully Nantou people, He looked down on young people, and after driving them out of Nantou, he wanted to cover the sky with his hands and pave the way for his son.

Shen Suzheng made an inventory. During Lin Mingqin’s tenure as county magistrate for 8 years, the aging population surged, the population grew negatively, and the young and middle-aged continued to move out. The reason was that Lin Mingqin completely ignored the living environment, people’s livelihood infrastructure and quality of life of Nantou people, and his views on tourism kept changing. ticket.

Shen Suzheng questioned that Lin Mingqin could not do it as the chief executive in the past 8 years. What can he do for Nantou in the next 8 months?

What are you fighting for?

These 8 months were basically for Lin Rubin to find a job.