The security service once again exposed and blocked the channels of illegal departure of evaders.

This was reported to the SBU.

During investigative operations in different regions of Ukraine, law enforcement officers detained seven organizers of illegal traffic.

"For money, they offered potential conscripts to leave our country on the basis of forged documents on marital status or participation in the volunteer movement," the SBU reported.

According to law enforcement officers, the average cost of the so-called "escape ticket" was 1.5-12 thousand dollars per person.

The amount depended on the number of people and the urgency of departure.


in the Kyiv region

, the SBU exposed an offender who sold fictitious certificates of a "father of many children" or a volunteer to evaders for going abroad.



, employees of the Main Directorate of Internal Security of the SBU detained the organizer of the illegal migration channel for handing him 12,000 dollars.

For this amount, he guaranteed to secretly take a whole group of evaders abroad.

In Zhytomyr

Oblast, a group of persons whose members helped to arrange fictitious marriages with women with disabilities was neutralized.

Among the organizers of the scheme is the head of a local public organization.

In Zaporozhye

, criminals were exposed who entered unreliable information into the "Shlyah" system.

For this, they used their connections among officials of state institutions and carriers.

An organizer was arrested in the Mykolayiv

region, who forged birth certificates of underage children and sold fake documents to potential conscripts.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region,

a resident of the region was exposed for filing petitions to a local charitable organization for their departure abroad, allegedly for humanitarian aid.

Currently, the organizers of the schemes have been notified of suspicion under Art.

332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal transportation of persons across the state border).

Perpetrators face from three to five years with confiscation of the vehicle.

The day before, the residents of Zhytomyr region were informed about the suspicion of organizing a 

fictitious marriage

 in order to transport the evasive husband across the border.

Earlier in

The state border service was told

 how Ukrainians illegally try to cross the border.

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