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The Bulgarian woman, stranded in Turkey with her five children, speaks.

Blagovesta Ozcinar said that she cannot return to Bulgaria because one of her children was born in Turkey and has a Bulgarian birth certificate, but no passport.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 211

The rest of the Bulgarian documents must be removed, but the woman is blocked in Turkey.

"I called the consulate yesterday on emergency phones that I found on the Internet, but no one picked up," shared Blagovesta.

A Bulgarian woman with 5 children is stranded in Turkey

At the first tremor, the children were startled and started screaming in panic, the mother recalls.

They immediately went outside.

She and her children are currently housed in a school classroom.

They sleep in rows.

The compatriot tells us that she has money in herself, but she is still looking for open grocery stores today.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria