Former Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan held a new book launch event for "Red Iron Man" today (9).

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Democratic Progressive Party passed the 2024 Presidential and Legislative Primary Elections yesterday and the ethics norms and dispute handling mechanism. The Legislative Yuan Kuomintang League Chief Zeng Mingzong questioned that not going back to the past is "playing match-fixing."

Former Pingtung County Mayor Pan Meng'an responded today (9th) that the DPP has the actions of the DPP, and it is not allowed for other parties to find fault with the eggs, find fault with others, or even gossip about it if they do not act. They should ask their own party to deal with it first.

Pan Mengan held a new book release meeting for "Red Iron Man: Pan Mengan" at the mayor's residence today. Vice President Lai Qingde, Democratic Progressive Party legislator Wu Siyao, supervisory committee member Ye Yijin, Presidential Office spokesman Kolas Yotaka, director Wu Nianzhen and others were all invited to attend the meeting.

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In response to the Blue Camp's questioning of the DPP's academic ethics mechanism as "fixing matches", Pan Meng'an was interviewed after the meeting and said that Taiwan is a place with freedom of speech regarding any comments, and the DPP has the actions of the DPP. Picking bones, finding faults in the eggs, and even trying to catch the heat.

Pan Mengan emphasized that a responsible political party or politician should be responsible for his own words and deeds. He respects individual speeches, but whether everyone should listen to what they say, or use it to lead the way, society has its own evaluation.

The media asked, the DPP has already started, do you want other political parties to follow?

Pan Mengan responded that the speaker should ask his own political party first, and cannot ask other parties how to deal with it, but his own party does not deal with it. Otherwise, what is the meaning of this passage?

Pan Mengan appealed not to use personal opinions to lead the way. Democratic politics respects personal opinions, but if you want to form party policies, "please go back to your party to discuss."