Liao Wanru, the medical instructor of the Taipei City Fire Department.

(Photo by reporter Liu Qinghou)

[Reporter Liu Qinghou/Taipei Report] The strong earthquake in Turkey killed tens of thousands of people. The Taiwan search and rescue team rescued a trapped person at 8:40 pm local time in Adiyaman, 8th (1:40 am, 9th Taiwan time). However, Beirong doctor Liao Wanru contacted the team doctor Wang Zeyao on the 9th and revealed the sad news that the Turkish woman died of serious injuries, which is regrettable.

Affiliated to the medical team of the Veterans General Hospital of the Taipei City Fire Department, physicians Wang Zeyao, Huang Xianhao, nurses Yang Shujuan, and Cai Huiqing were sent to accompany the search and rescue team. Physician Liao Wanru provided instant online support and medical consultation in Taiwan.

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Liao Wanji said today that the Beishi search and rescue team found the trapped woman at around 3:00 pm on the 8th local time. The doctor accompanying the team, Wang Zeyao, hoped to save the woman's limbs and save her. , all parties are making the greatest pull against time.

Liao Wanru said that the other party's consciousness changed at night, and Wang Zeyao considered that "there is no hope if we don't pull her out." Although the search and rescue team couldn't carry the morphine for pain relief, they still had to decide to amputate the woman's trapped left knee , in order to save the opponent's life.

She said that because the medical team was restricted by law, there was no morphine available for the other party to relieve pain. In addition, the scene was not as sterile as the operating room, and the wound treatment became more difficult, which showed how much pain the other party had to endure.

Although the other party was rescued by first aid, the signs of life were restored for a while, but unfortunately, he was still declared dead after being sent to the hospital.

Liao Wanru said that the rescue mission is very difficult. If the injured are trapped and crushed for a long time, it will cause muscle necrosis and hyperkalemia. Therefore, once the heavy object is released, the blood circulation is likely to cause the injured patient to have a sudden cardiac arrest. Stop, the low temperature factor will also worsen the injury situation.

Liao Wanru expressed emotion that morphine is a controlled drug, so the search and rescue team could not carry morphine-type painkillers, but it is an urgent medicine to use in disaster relief. "Tourniquets, painkillers and other drugs are not enough for patients who need amputation She also called on the competent authorities to consider the emergency of disaster relief and relax drug control for morphine, the painkiller most needed by patients.