United Land filed a lawsuit requesting to revoke TRA's publication of its company name in the government procurement bulletin. Bei Gaoxing believed that there was no problem with TRA's actions and ruled that United Land lost the lawsuit.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] The Taiwan Railway Taroko train derailed the year before last, resulting in 49 deaths and nearly 300 minor and serious injuries. The company's name was published in the Government Procurement Bulletin in violation of the Government Procurement Law on the grounds of "failure to fulfill the duty of care and false business publication", which resulted in the suspension of the company for 3 years.

United Land refused to accept the lawsuit, but the Taipei High Administrative Court still found that there was no problem with TRA's actions, and sentenced United Land to lose the lawsuit.


In February 2016, Taiwan Railways and United Land signed a public engineering technical service procurement contract on the "Six-Year Plan for Railway Traffic Safety Improvement—Slope Lifecycle Maintenance and Management". , detection analysis and evaluation, and complete slope classification, urgent reinforcement engineering design and construction supervision.

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However, on April 2, 2021, at the construction site, a large truck with an elevator fell on the rails, causing a collision with a train passing through Taroko, Taiwan Railway, causing fatalities and injuries to passengers.

In terms of criminal matters, the Hualien District Court found Li Jinfu, the supervisor of Lianhe Dadi, guilty of two crimes of negligent death and false business publication, and was sentenced to 7 years and 2 months in prison.

Taiwan Railways later notified United Land to terminate part of the contract between the two parties, and recognized that United Land had Article 101, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 4 of the Political and Legal Procurement Law, which "bids, contracts or performs contracts with false documents, and the circumstances are serious", and Article 12 In the case of "rescission or termination of the contract due to reasons attributable to the manufacturer, if the circumstances are serious", etc.

Afterwards, Lianhe Dadi wrote back to explain that Taiwan Railways still believed that the supervisors of Lianhe Dadi had "not fulfilled their duty of care and posted false business information", which was involved in violation of the Government Procurement Law, so the name of Lian Dadi was published in the government procurement The communique led to a 3-year suspension of power; United Land refused to accept the lawsuit.

Beigaohang believes that Li Jinfu and Zhang Qifucai did not actually review the supervision report, but directly made documents based on the work log provided by Li Yixiang, the construction site director of Dongxin Company (sentenced to 7 years and October and fined 500,000 yuan). Dadi employees forged relevant documents, and Taiwan Railways had to terminate the cooperative relationship in accordance with the contract.

Moreover, employees of United Continent forged documents, which not only shows that the company’s supervision and supervision capabilities are insufficient, but also undermines the correctness of the public project bid management system. Termination of the contract, if the circumstances are serious". Therefore, Taiwan Railways published the name of United Land in the Government Procurement Bulletin in accordance with the Government Procurement Law, resulting in a 3-year suspension of power.