The 3rd floor of Zhuren Parking Lot in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County was flooded, and the water on the ground reflected the pipelines on the ceiling of the parking lot and the cars parked or moving on the side.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu/Hsinchu Report] The Zhuren (Park No. 13) parking lot in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, which has just been completed and opened for two years, recently experienced flooding on the third floor, almost the entire parking floor, although it will not turn the parked vehicles into bubbles The water truck, but the drivers who entered the parking lot were quite astonished. Many people were not only afraid that their shoes and socks would be wet by the stagnant water after getting out of the car, but also afraid of slipping and falling.

As for the 3-story parking lot, there is only a payment machine on the 1st floor. Some people went straight to the 3rd floor and followed the indicators to the elevator room to pay, only to find that they had to go back to the 1st floor to do so. They felt speechless.

Zheng Chaofang, Mayor of Zhubei, said that he was informed of the water accumulation on the 3rd floor of the Zhuren parking lot on the 6th, and immediately assigned relevant classrooms to the scene to investigate and deal with it. It was found that the intercepting ditch connecting the 3rd floor to the outer driveway on the 4th floor was blocked by wind and sand , resulting in the failure of normal drainage of rainwater.

The water at the scene was almost emptied by the afternoon of the incident.

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He also instructed the responsible units to require the water and electricity manufacturers to enter the site today to clear the drainage pipe ditch. In order to improve the management quality of the parking lot and avoid similar incidents from happening again, the office will ask the maintenance manufacturer to make a further assessment on whether the slope of the drainage should be adjusted, and will Track and observe the source of the wind and sand blocking the intercepting ditch to clarify whether it is a single incident?

Or is there an unknown source of pollution nearby?

As for the inconvenience that there is only a payment machine on the first floor of the entire parking lot, the office will review and study improvements.

However, in fact, there were still a lot of water in the above situation until the evening of the 6th. Many people drove into the third floor of the Zhuren parking lot and found that the water on the ground was like a mirror. Ceiling pipelines, etc. When driving through deep water, there will be splashes. After parking, many people carefully get out of the car on tiptoe. Drivers with a lot of things in their hands are worried that they can’t see the ground clearly. Be careful of slipping and falling.

Everyone is asking "Where does the water come from?" Anyone wanting to say that someone is washing the floors?

The Zhubei Municipal Office stated that they were informed of the aforementioned situation at 12:00 noon on the 6th. After arriving at the scene, they found that the depth of the water was about 1 to 2 centimeters high. The affected lanes and parking spaces accounted for about 25% of the entire floor. The situation cannot be pumped and emptied by a water pump, so it has to be handled manually by sweeping water and filling barrels. Fortunately, no vehicles were damaged by water or people were injured.

According to the data of the county government, the Zhuren parking lot was jointly built by the county government for forward-looking plan funds with the city hall. It was completed and opened at this time 2 years ago. There are 233 car parking spaces and 126 motorcycle spaces in the 3-story parking lot , A total of 165 million yuan was spent.

However, after the completion of the project, it has been criticized for the lack of management. Although the license plate is used to identify the entrance and exit, the payment machine is only available on the first floor. In addition, the stairwell is dirty and dirty, especially near the market. Parking customers who go to the market to buy vegetables after the rain do not choose it. If you take the elevator, "everyone who walks will leave a mark of dirty shoes", some people who want to climb the stairs as a sport frown and complain repeatedly.

The 3rd floor of Zhuren Parking Lot in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County was flooded because the intercepting ditch was blocked by unknown wind and sand.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

In the stairwell on the third floor of Zhuren Parking Lot in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, drivers are required to go to the first floor to pay the toll before picking up the car.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

Only the first floor of Zhuren Parking Lot in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County has a payment machine.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)