Kiril Petkov's father was engaged in searching for suppliers of blue fuel.

He officially traveled to Turkey for negotiations together with Petkov's foreign policy adviser - Vesela Cherneva.

He flew at state expense in the first year of last year.

This is what former Deputy Minister of Energy Plamen Danailov said for "Your Day".

According to him, it is extremely easy to reach the truth about the case with "Bulgargaz" by looking for the money.

"Bulgargaz knows who it paid. From now on, inquiries can be made to those who were paid, what they bought, how they bought it, and whether there are direct payments from them to others, including offshore companies. Everything can to be tracked. In the Ministry of Energy, we have made efforts throughout the period to protect both the interest of the state and all citizens. Let us not forget that, despite everything, we managed in the months of May 2021 to 2022 to provide compensation for gas. These are hundreds of millions given to compensate for the high prices. The prosecutor's office must reach the truth and if there are damages, then the guilty should bear their punishments," he commented.

According to him, all the time until the completion of the gas connection with Greece and the launch of the interconnector, there was only Russian gas in the pipelines, at the moment there is also mainly Russian gas.

"When the natural gas supply crisis arose and Gazprom's notification to change the payment method, a working group in the ME discussed finding alternative supplies.

As of June 2022, "Bulgargaz" was making a profit, it had more than 1 billion receivables from "Toplofikatsia - Sofia", according to Danailov.

And he added that not paying Gazprom was a decision of the Council of Ministers and there were letters of agreement from various ministers on the case.