Efrain Alegre, the candidate of the opposition party, stated in January this year that he would choose to establish diplomatic relations with China after winning the election.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Paraguay, my country's only diplomatic relationship in South America, will hold a presidential election in April this year.

Although the ruling party candidate Santiago Pena has stated that if he wins the general election, the relationship between the two countries will continue. However, many Paraguayan businessmen believe that the diplomatic relationship with Taiwan will affect the import of products into the Chinese market.

In this regard, opposition candidate Efrain Alegre stated in January this year that he would choose to establish diplomatic relations with China after winning the election.

According to a Reuters report, Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez will lead senior officials including the foreign minister and the minister of industry and commerce to arrive in Taiwan on the 14th for a four-day state visit to exchange views on bilateral cooperation and issues of common concern.

The Republic of Paraguay is my country's only existing diplomatic relationship in South America. The friendship between the two countries has lasted for 65 years. At present, the diplomatic relationship between Paraguay and Taiwan is in a turbulent stage.

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As a major exporter of agricultural and animal husbandry products, Paraguay ranks 10th and 4th in the world, especially beef and soybeans.

Many livestock farmers and farmers believe that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Paraguay and Taiwan will affect the relationship with China, which in turn will affect the number of products imported into the Chinese market.

During this state meeting, the two countries will also discuss issues of meat promotion and investment opportunities.

In April, Pakistan will hold a presidential election, and the opposition candidate Erigeron has publicly announced that after winning the election, he will sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan and directly establish diplomatic relations with China.

On the other hand, the incumbent President Abdul has ended his eligibility for re-election, and Panya, promoted by the ruling party, said that after becoming president, the diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Pakistan will not be changed.

Paraguayan President Abdo will visit Taiwan next Tuesday.