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The victims of the devastating earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border and the subsequent aftershocks have exceeded 15,000. Against this background, hopes of finding more survivors are diminishing with each passing hour, DPA reported.

The death toll in Turkey rose to 12,391, the Anadolu Agency reported this morning, citing Turkey's disaster and accident response agency AFAD, while the injured stood at 62,914.

Across the border in war-torn Syria, the death toll stood at 2,662.

Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised that rescue operations would continue until "no one remains under the rubble".

About 6,000 buildings were destroyed, he said.

Erdogan promised emergency aid of 10,000 Turkish lira (about $530) for each affected family.

The situation in Syria is dire.

According to government data, the affected Syrians are about 298,000, and most had to leave their homes, the state news agency SANA reported.

The authorities have allocated 180 places for emergency accommodation, writes BTA.

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Thousands of people in Syria are still missing, and there is still an urgent need for heavy machinery to clear the debris.

The long-standing civil war and international sanctions hinder the provision of aid to the affected areas.

On Monday morning, the region along the Turkish-Syrian border was rocked by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake.

Since then, the region has experienced hundreds of aftershocks, including a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on Monday afternoon.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria