Metropolitan mobile air defense groups can shoot down kamikaze drones, missiles and other enemy air targets.

Oleksandr Pavlyuk, the commander of the Forces and means of defense of Kyiv, reported this in Telegram.

"To counter the Shaheds, mobile fire groups have been created in the units of the Kyiv Defense Forces Group. Prepared crews on high-terrain cars are armed with

large-caliber machine guns and equipped with thermal imaging sights

, as well as other target detection and laser targeting devices," Pavlyuk said.

Photo: Oleksandr Pavlyuk

According to him, firing positions for mobile groups are determined so that the crew arrives at the place as soon as possible.

Preparation of the crew itself for battle lasts no more than one minute.

"The number of mobile groups within the group is constantly increasing. Work is also underway to improve their technical equipment," Pavlyuk noted and added that the mobile fire group

can also destroy cruise missiles and other air targets

Photo: Oleksandr Pavlyuk