Children from Qiwen Elementary School of Zhong Dongjin (middle front) in Miaoli County sang and danced in Hakka.

(Provided by Miaoli County Government)

[Reporter Zhang Xunteng/Miaoli Report] The Miaoli County Government encourages public kindergartens to actively provide extended care services for winter and summer vacations to reduce the burden of child care for families with double income. Miaoli County Mayor Zhong Dongjin visited Qiwen Elementary School in Miaoli City today (9th) to set up a kindergarten Inspect the promotion of early childhood education and the current status of extended care services in the county, and interact with children singing and dancing; the school is about to start, and Zhong Dongjin also requires all schools not to relax in terms of epidemic prevention.

The Education Department of Miaoli County Government pointed out that the teachers of the extended care service are qualified education and protection service personnel of each school, and provide half-day or one-day courses with rich connotations such as language cognition, art work, physical fitness, singing and games, and puzzles, so that children can stay active during the winter and summer vacations. Enjoy high-quality childcare care services, uninterrupted learning, and solve the problem of childcare for office worker families.

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In addition, in order to reduce the financial burden of disadvantaged parents, all low-income households, low-middle-income households, other special economic situations, and 5-year-old children with an annual household income of less than 300,000 yuan can apply for subsidies if they participate in extended care services.

Director of Education Ye Xinhui emphasized that in order to extend the care service, many kindergartens join the ranks of childcare year by year, especially during the long summer vacation. Parents’ wishes will be investigated first, and the kindergarten will be opened if necessary, so as to reduce the care burden of double-income families. Don’t worry. Leave the kids at school and go to work with peace of mind.

Accompanied by Director of Education Xie Xinhui and Principal Chen Zhengzhong of Qiwen Elementary School, Zhong Dongjin inspected the condition of extended care services in the kindergarten attached to Qiwen Elementary School today, and interacted with the children in immersive Hakka teaching games, singing and dancing in Hakka, playing It was such a joy.

The Department of Education pointed out that the Miaoli County government has cooperated with the central government’s policy to reduce the teacher-student ratio to 1:12 every year since the 112th school year. There are 89 public kindergartens in Miaoli County, and more than 50% of the public kindergartens will enroll 2-year-old children, an increase of 2 The opportunity for young children to enter kindergarten.

Furthermore, starting from January next year, the childcare subsidy for children aged 2 to under 5 will cancel the wealth exclusion rule, that is, families with a comprehensive income tax rate of more than 20% can also apply, and the school subsidy for children aged 5 to under 6 will also be extended to For children who do not go to school, the childcare allowance and schooling allowance for the first child is 5,000 yuan, the second child is 6,000 yuan, and the third child is 7,000 yuan, so that children aged 0 to 6 can be taken care of more comprehensively.