The original PO released a Mercedes-Benz with a special logo and asked, "Why is this Mercedes a Zongzi logo?"

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Mercedes-Benz is a car brand that many people are familiar with. Some netizens posted a Mercedes-Benz car with a special logo on Facebook PO and asked, "Why is this Mercedes-Benz a Zongzi logo?", Netizens After seeing it, I couldn't help exclaiming, "You should stay away when you see it."

The netizen posted a photo on the Facebook page "Explosive Commune No. 2". In the photo, you can see a black and white high-end car parked in the parking space. The logo on the front of the car is in the shape of a rice dumpling. The original post is in the post Said "Why is this Mercedes a sign of Zongzi?"

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Netizens commented after seeing the post, "Meeting him may become the next person to give meat dumplings", "This is Qu Yuan's car, you should be careful with the car he drives to throw the river every year during the Dragon Boat Festival", " This is a new brand created by the Germans to commemorate Qu Yuan." Some experts said, "Maybach is written on the front. This car is probably more expensive than the house you live in." Even the C-pillar, is the window even with the triangular window, if not it’s a fake zongzi”, “This is the ‘King of Mercedes’ Maybach, the asking price for a car is over 10 million yuan, see how far it can go” , "Cherish life, stay away from Maybach".