The wife forgot to sort the laundry and got two "new" clothes by accident.

(The picture is taken from Facebook "Explosive Commune Public Edition")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] When washing clothes, some people forget to wash light-colored clothes separately from dark-colored clothes, and only find out that the clothes are dyed when they have to dry them.

A few days ago, a wife shared on the Internet that her husband wondered why there was an extra pink hanger while drying the clothes. When they were wondering, they realized that it was the red trousers, which made them dumbfounded.

As soon as the post came out, it sparked heated discussions among netizens.

A wife posted a post on the "Explosive Commune Public Edition". The original PO said that when the couple was drying clothes, they suddenly took out a hanger that they hadn't seen before, and asked, "Who owns this pink dress?" When the two were at a loss, they saw another event where the white T-shirt also turned pink, and the wife realized that the culprit was her red trousers. The absurd behavior made the husband laugh and claim 150 yuan for hanging fees.

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As soon as this article came out, a large number of netizens praised it, "The dyeing is really even", "Not to mention it was dyed, I thought it was bought back", "The technique is good", "It's just another new dress There are also netizens who joked that it is Valentine’s Day, “Wear a couple’s outfit on Valentine’s Day”, “For a set, remember to add dyeing and finishing fees”, “The dyeing is not too unharmonious, it instantly turns into a couple’s outfit”; in addition, there are Netizen Wailou joked that this fan is just a macho fan, "Man in pink is also cute XDD", "The color of macho lol".