The island is the name of the district of Kherson, which suffers almost the most every day from shelling by the occupiers.

It is the closest to the Dnipro, across the river there are already occupiers, they are shooting randomly and purposefully, looking for critical infrastructure facilities and aid centers, TSN reports.

Some of the houses burned down, some - without a roof, some - with broken walls and windows.

"I'm not leaving for one reason - my niece is the only one left here. Because of her, I'm not leaving if something happens to me, and if something happens to her, then help each other," says a local resident. 

The private sector is just on the bank of the Dnieper, the occupiers are already in the flood plains across the river.

From there, they shoot at the city, not just at houses, they try to destroy critical infrastructure.

The area is without heat, the light has to be restored from time to time because the substations are on fire.

The island is not only a private sector, but also a continuous high-rise building.

They become an easy target for the invaders.

Many townspeople still live in the neighborhood.

Maria Vasylivna lives on the 9th floor and her house was shelled again this morning.

She heard whistling and then the walls shook.

The shells hit the corner of the house right into the neighbor's apartment.

"The second time it hit, the first time the rocket flew in and flew out, and this time it was "Gradam", at 6 in the morning, it was 7," the woman says.

During the day, while relatively quiet, people go out into the streets, some to bask in the sun, some to pick up a humanitarian worker, and some go to clean up after the shelling. 

In one of the five-story buildings, there is a hole on the first floor, where there was housing.

Walls were blown down here, windows in all entrances were broken, but people remained alive.

Now the holes are quickly closed with wooden plates, because there is nowhere to spend the night.

It's minus eight outside at night.

Since the deoccupation of such houses, there are more and more of them every day.

"We record more than a thousand damages, these are exclusively civilian objects, critical infrastructure, where they are hitting - these are peaceful citizens, there are neither military nor law enforcement agencies here, just people trying to live", - says the employee of the CAA Denys Kholodov .

Two more shells fell next to each other on the nearby street, there is still fresh blood on the ground after the death of a person. 

Despite the constant threat from the air, utility workers are already cleaning up broken glass and bricks on the street, and employees of the military-civilian administration are visiting houses to find out the scale of destruction and people's needs.

Residents are urged to evacuate.

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