Taipei City Councilor Li Yanxiu reminded Mayor Jiang Wan'an that there is no special medicine in the municipal government, and the city government is not an "emergency room". The only way to solve the traffic problem in Neihu is to be professional, balanced and listen.

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[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] In order to solve the traffic problem in internal medicine, the Taipei City Government plans to offer MRT early-bird tickets to encourage people to commute during off-peak hours through a discount of 40%. "Limited", because most of the current office workers already have public transportation 1280 monthly tickets, making early bird tickets completely uncompetitive, calling on the municipal government to have no specific medicines, and the municipal government is not an "emergency room". Lake traffic problem method.

The Beishi Transportation Bureau pointed out recently that it hopes to implement flexible commuting and commuting in internal medicine through differential rates on the MRT, and attract more people to get off work during off-peak hours. Based on the opinion of the local chief, further study the feasibility.

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However, this practice was tried during the tenure of former mayor Ke Wenzhe, but it ended after 3 months due to lack of results. Now the Chiang City Government plans to restart it. The 1280 monthly ticket for transport is used by almost many office workers, making the 40% off early bird ticket no competitive advantage at all, and it is even more difficult to coordinate with many companies to adjust their working hours. This approach "may have limited effect."

Li Yanxiu also mentioned that the short-term solution is to increase the manpower of the traffic police, but even after the increase, the number of traffic police in Neihu is only 42, ranking 8th among the 14 traffic teams. Seriously, the allocation of police force should not be like this, and resources should be invested where they are most needed.

Li Yanxiu believes that Neihu City plans to accommodate a population of 308,000 people. The current population of Neihu has reached 273,000. In addition, the Neihu Science and Technology Park has a commuting population of more than 210,000, far exceeding the population that Neihu can accommodate. It is suggested that in the long run, enterprises should be encouraged to go to Beishike Park to divert the commuting population. This will not only reduce the burden on the Neihu area, but also be beneficial to the balanced development of Taipei.

Li Yanxiu reminded Jiang Wan'an that although he affirmed his sincerity in solving the internal medicine traffic problem after taking office, the municipal government has no special medicine, and the municipal government is not an "emergency room". He must do a little every day. Only through professionalism, perseverance, and listening can the real solution to Neihu The solution to traffic problems.