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Turkey needs manpower, field hospitals and field kitchens.

This was stated by the ambassador of Turkey in our country.

60,000 people work in the field.

3000 are the foreign teams.

24 collapsed buildings and over 100 dead so far in the Turkish city of Adana.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 218

"It's not the earthquake that kills, it's poor quality construction. Volunteers are racing against time. From the first 72 hours, the chance of finding survivors is greatly reduced. The trend is already reversing to remove those who have lost their lives. We must not is being built right on top of a seismic zone.If building in such areas, exact requirements have to be met, and they have hardly been met at this stage, seeing how 50 year old buildings are compromised but hold, and 3 year olds are collapsing like waffles," said journalist Mehmed Yumer in the "Bulgaria morning" studio.

He noted that the difficulties arise from several factors - the non-involvement of the army in the rescue operations, the banned volunteer NGOs, the lack of free spaces where people can gather, the monopoly by AFAT, the problems with construction.

"These areas have long been studied and predicted that such earthquakes are expected eventually

," Umer added to Bulgaria ON AIR.

"I have to thank Bulgaria for the aid and the care for our people. Now in the city of Adana we are calmer, but there are many evacuated buildings, there are many dangers, people cannot enter their homes, they live outside in tents. The whole neighborhood has been evacuated. Many people are in cars, in gyms, in mosques, afraid to enter. Every day new apartments are being demolished," said Ibrahim Yilmaz of the Society of Balkan Turks.

He noted that people's mood is very bad, everyone is afraid, and scientists say that earthquakes will continue.

"Aftershocks occur every minute, but not all of them are felt in Adana," added Yilmaz.

"In Bulgaria, a lot of aid is collected. Some separate vehicles should be loaded only for the hospitals, they should have health supplies, baby food, bottles, diapers inside and they should come directly to the hospitals. A lot of aid comes, but until it is found, it passes 1- 2 days are not useful. There are not so many people who can distribute what is in the vehicles," Yilmaz was categorical.

"A scientist predicted that in the next 10 years, Turkey's development will be slowed down by several points. This region is not the most industrialized, the heart of the Turkish economy is not there. Turkey needs to set aside very significant funds. International aid will be there, however Turkey must stand on its own feet, and this will undoubtedly slow down the pace of development," Yumer also commented.

According to him, what happened should help the Turkish people to change their mentality and attitude towards life in their own country.


The biggest challenge is finding alive people under the ruins, because the battle with the weather is every second, subzero temperatures complicate the situation," concluded Humer.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria