Harmful coffee syrup exported from France was discovered in Ukraine.

In its composition, the content of dye E124, which is dangerous for health in such a dose, has been exceeded.

This was reported on the website of the Main Department of the State Production and Consumer Service in the Ternopil region.

The concentrated drink was exported from France to Ukraine.

Manufacturer - GEORGES MONIN, France.

Recipient: LLP "PROBAR", 23 Industrialnyi Lane, Kyiv.

It is noted that the message came from the Rapid Response System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

Ukrainians are urged to contact the State Production and Consumer Service if they find a drink in circulation

What is known about the harm of the dye

Additive E is widely used for coloring products in the confectionery industry, in the production of beverages, ice cream, puddings, desserts, canned fruit;

used in the production of fish and meat products, dairy desserts, cakes and cheese products.

E 124 (Ponsot 4R) is included in the list of prohibited substances in the USA, Finland, Norway and some other countries.

However, this carcinogen can provoke the development of oncological diseases.

Also, the dye is a strong allergen, can cause anaphylactic shock, or an attack of dysentery in asthmatics and people with aspirin intolerance.

The dye is included in the list of dyes that lead to increased hyperactivity in children.

However, the additive is allowed for use in the food industry in Ukraine as it does not have a harmful effect on the human body, if the permissible doses are observed.

As a reminder,

a batch of nuts from Brazil

with a high content of aflatoxins, which cause liver cancer, was brought to Ukraine.

They have an excess of the maximum level of aflatoxins - a poisonous substance for humans and animals, which is released by some types of microscopic molds.

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