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The Plovdiv resident who was run over by a bus in Tsalapitsa probably lay down under it to keep warm.

After the engine cooled, the air bags descended on it and trapped it.

Even if he shouted, there was no one to hear him because it happened in a deserted place, investigators told "24 Chasa".

A bus ran over a Plovdiv resident who was sleeping under it

The deceased was homeless.

The autopsy will show if he was drunk.

The tragedy involving the 44-year-old man became known yesterday, after a report was received at the Regional Office in Stamboliyski at around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday that a man was lying in a helpless condition at a turnoff on the roadway.

The driver was tested for the use of alcohol and drugs, his samples were negative.

Work on the initiated pre-trial proceedings continues.

a homeless person

run over man