"GoShare" provides online car search and rental services for shared electric motorcycles, but the customer's license was suspended for drunk driving. The company filed an administrative lawsuit and was revoked.

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[Reporter Yu Ruiren/Taoyuan Report] A man surnamed Wu in Taipei City was arrested for drunk driving while riding a shared electric scooter "GoShare" in April last year. As a result, Ruineng Digital Services Co., Ltd., which provided "GoShare" services, was revoked by the Taoyuan City Traffic Tribunal The license plate of the car was 2 years old, Ruineng Company refused to accept it and filed a complaint, claiming that it had fulfilled its supervisory and management responsibilities, and that Wu Nan was riding the bike with someone else’s account, so the company could not be held responsible, and was still rejected by the arbitration office; Ruineng Company filed an administrative lawsuit for this , After the Taoyuan District Court tried it, it was difficult to recognize that Ruineng had failed to fulfill its supervision and management obligations, and revoked the fine.

"GoShare" shared electric scooter is provided by Ruineng Company, which develops Gogoro electric scooter, as a rental service. People only need to download the "GoShare" APP with their mobile phones, upload their driver's license and fill in basic information. After successfully applying for an account, they can use their mobile phones to find and rent cars. Drive within the designated service area.

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Ruineng Company filed a lawsuit and pointed out that the terms of use of "GoShare" and the precautions for riding both prohibit the lessee from handing over the motorcycle to a third person other than the contract to drive or overload it. In other cases, it will be permanently suspended and has fulfilled its supervisory and management responsibilities; Wu Nan rented the "GoShare" service by borrowing another person's account, and has no lease or any legal relationship with the company, and the company cannot foresee Wu Nan's illegal use Possibility, its drunk driving behavior cannot be attributed to the company.

According to court investigations, Ruineng provides online vehicle rental services, which can only be supervised and managed based on account information. It is clearly stated in the contract that drinking and driving is prohibited and that the vehicle is handed over to a third party for use. It is obvious that it is within the scope of its ability and has fulfilled its supervision and management obligations.

The court held that Wu Nan used someone else's account to rent the "GoShare" shared locomotive, and he had not signed the "GoShare Terms of Use" and related normative agreements, and the drunk driving incident was not foreseeable by Rui Neng, so it is difficult to recognize that Rui Neng has unfinished supervision and management In the case of obligation, it is believed that the original disposition is indeed illegal and improper, and should be revoked.