A donation account in support of the families of those who died in the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and the victims of this terrible tragedy was opened by the DPS.

The funds will be provided to the Turkish Disaster Management Agency, which will distribute them according to the needs of the country.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 212

The first donation in the account was made by the leader of the DPS Mustafa Karadai.

Sums were contributed to the account by all representatives of the Movement in the 48th National Assembly, mayors, regional coordinators, members and sympathizers of the party.

There are donations of BGN 20 and even BGN 5, which means that no matter how little money they have, people are willing to part with it in order to sympathize

 with the plight of the Turkish people at the moment, said the deputy chairman of the DPS Ahmed Akhmedov, who is responsible for the coordination of the large-scale donation campaign of DPS to help people in Turkey.

I want to thank all kind hearted people for their charity.

 In this case, the size of the donation is not the most important thing.

The gesture is important, Akhmedov also stated.

And he emphasized: "As the honorary chairman of the DPS, Dr. Dogan, said, in a matter of hours and days, the Republic of Turkey received the solidarity and support of a large part of the world, which speaks volumes for its authority. The history of the Republic of Turkey, which has been traced by many problems and challenges, shows that it has always found a way out in the unity and togetherness of the nation."

The account holder is DPS

Commercial Bank D AD

IBAN BG96DEMI92405000309448


The earthquake in Turkey and Syria