Ye Zeshan, deputy mayor of Tainan City, experienced clam farming culture with students.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Report from Tainan] Each agricultural product represents the local seasonal characteristics. The Nanshi Education Bureau integrates the school's food and agriculture school-based curriculum with "food production season months" and launches monthly themed food and agriculture study tour camps. Inter-school exchange and parent-child experience learning opportunities, introducing local stories of hometown.

Today (9) the launching ceremony was held at Liren Elementary School. 17 participating schools jointly exhibited the study tour courses. Last year, Dongshan Elementary School, Guantian Elementary School, Renai Elementary School, Rixin Achievement records of elementary schools, digging bamboo shoots, picking clams, hand-made milkfish balls, honey-picking desserts and other rich content, paired with experience games, with school children or young farmers as narrators, it is very exciting and interesting.

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Ye Zeshan, deputy mayor of Nanshi City, said that Tainan has a vast territory and diverse geographical environment resources have bred a variety of agricultural, fishery and livestock products that are well-known throughout the country. Let the students experience the process and hard work from the place of production to the dining table, and cultivate the hearts of the students to cherish food and pity the farmers. The school plans a variety of experience activities, which not only take root in the campus, but also expand the promotion To communities and families, enhance the sense of identity of local agricultural products.

Wu Guomin, deputy director of the Education Bureau, said that Nanshi campuses promote food and agriculture education, emphasizing grounded courses, and provide more than 60 school-owned farm subsidy projects every year, allowing schools to plan school-based characteristic courses and experience the farming process by themselves.

This year, 17 schools that have been deeply involved in food and agriculture education for a long time are invited to jointly hold a food and agriculture experience camp. According to the season and month, cross-school and cross-district activities are planned, so that children from different regions can enter each district and share the resources of each school. Concatenate the whole year's Tainan food and agriculture study tour map.

Xinshi elementary school food and agriculture education, understanding of the "green gold industry" and the practical experience of edamame.

(Photo provided by Nanshi Education Bureau)

Children learn about the rich treasures contained in the land and learn about a friendly environment.

(Photo provided by Nanshi Education Bureau)

Baihe Zhumen Elementary School designed the "Food in Lotus Roots" experience camp to go deep into the villages to learn about the production process of lotus root noodles.

(Photo provided by Nanshi Education Bureau)