When school starts next Monday, primary and secondary schools in Taipei must have their body temperature taken when entering the school to prevent the epidemic from heating up.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The Central Epidemic Command Center will announce the second phase of relaxation of the mask order at the press conference this afternoon. In order to prevent the epidemic from heating up, the Taipei City Education Bureau has recently sent a letter to schools at all levels requesting that epidemic prevention measures be strengthened. , The school will start on February 13th, the temperature will be taken again when entering the school, partitions must still be used for lunch, and parents can apply for epidemic prevention leave for their children, etc., and the school environment must be cleaned before the school starts.

Chen Suhui, deputy director of the Education Bureau, pointed out that the requirement for students to take their body temperature when entering the school was canceled last semester, but this year’s Lunar New Year holiday lasts for 10 days. People travel from north to south, and parents of students go out to travel. Therefore, the temperature measurement measures before entering the school will resume when the school starts next week. It is expected to last for 2 weeks, and adjustments will be made depending on the development of the epidemic.

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Chen Suhui said that in response to the imminent start of school, primary and secondary schools in Beishi have carried out preparations for epidemic prevention materials and environmental cleaning. Because Taipei City is currently holding the Taipei Lantern Festival, the Environmental Protection Bureau has no time to assist in campus cleaning. The Education Bureau reminds schools to arrange manufacturers to enter the school for cleaning. Elimination, make relevant preparations.

In response to the epidemic and epidemic prevention, the Education Bureau issued an official document this week to all schools to implement 8 major epidemic prevention items, including the first item of temperature measurement. From the first to the second week of school, schools should implement the temperature measurement of teachers and students when entering the school (garden) From the 3rd week onwards, teachers and students will take their body temperature at home before going to school, and adopt self-health monitoring.

The second item is to wear a mask. If you cancel the outdoor space and field of the campus, you should wear a mask all the time; indoors, if you have dietary needs, engage in sports activities, sing or play musical instruments in music classes, take individual/group photos, and teachers are exempt from teaching. wear mask.

If teachers and students are in the period of self-epidemic prevention, self-health management, or have related symptoms, and cannot maintain social distance with unspecified objects, they should still wear masks.

As for dining norms, the Education Bureau requires that there is no limit to lunch partitions or 1.5-meter spacing except for kindergartens, and conversations are prohibited during meals; indoor and outdoor venues of schools at all levels are fully open, but epidemic prevention measures must still be followed, and eating and drinking are prohibited except for drinking water; epidemic prevention For the part of leave, parents apply for epidemic prevention leave for their children for the purpose of epidemic prevention (should take non-school courses and implement roll call), in principle, the unit is 1 week.

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