Ukrainian actress

Anna Salivanchuk

frankly told how her earnings changed during the war and how much of her own money she donated to charity.

As the celebrity admitted, she and her husband have a joint budget.

Now they live on his money, because Anna herself does not earn.

In particular, there are no film shoots, the star does not take money for advertising on Instagram, but asks customers to transfer funds to charity.

Anna Salivanchuk / Photo:

"We've always had a joint budget. Now it's also joint, but I don't earn anything now. I'll donate the pennies I earn. The most I can do is barter to dress myself. I take everything in donations, I don't I take money. I can't afford to do it now because of the war. The most important thing for me is that the war ends, I want to donate everything. When they ask me about some kind of money, I say to donate. I have children's funds that I help , if you want to help, send me a screenshot that you did it. I now have 4-5 thousand hryvnias for 3-4 stories. I will donate all this money," the actress said in an interview with Slava Dyomin.

Anna also said that she also donates her money to charity.

In general, for almost a year of full-scale war, Salivanchuk donated 100,000 hryvnias.

However, the actress also helps charity funds to collect funds.

Anna Salivanchuk / Photo:

"The maximum for one amount is 5 thousand hryvnias. Specifically from me, from my card - 100 thousand hryvnias," the celebrity admitted.

We will remind, earlier another actor Taras Tsimbalyuk also told how

his earnings changed during the war


In particular, until February 24 last year, the artist had a lot of work and the fee for one shooting day was from 15 to 70 thousand hryvnias.

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